Re: Requiring systemd for the gnome-settings-daemon power plugin

On Wed, 2012-10-24 at 08:47 -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> I'm all for making GNOME+systemd kick ass.  But not at the cost of
> giving up the "rough consensus and working code" aspect that forms
> and other FOSS projects.
> Your process here was to post on a Friday that you were going to
> delete
> the code, have a lot of feedback even over the weekend, then on Monday
> *do it anyways*. 

I carefully answered every comment, and didn't make the decision lightly
either. I could see 2 people with concerns over it, one concerned with
OpenBSD, one with Ubuntu and Unity. Did I miss some opinions while
making this decision?

And even if I did not address all those concerns, am I contravening to
the rules that were set out a year ago?

> That's just not the way we should approach problems in

GNOME's way seems to be to postpone the hard decisions 6-month down the
line. I've already had those same problems when I wanted to remove the
date and time helper in January, even though we discussed having systemd
as an external dependency in May the year before.

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