Re: Some points about IM integration

Greetings all,

This fall I and three other students did an accessibility study in which Dasher was a part. One of the issues we encountered was that the user after having typed it's sentence or any other text into Dasher had to copy and paste it into the application they were actually using. And if they later discovered an issue in the text they'd have to copy it back to Dasher, edit it and then copy and paste it to the application again.

If this hasn't changed since then and without having any knowledge of the input management code or the Dasher code I would like to ask a question: Wouldn't it be great to have Dasher appear when a text field is activated in Gnome much like it does on Android[1]?

The Input Manager is called when the text area is activated. It then puts characters in the field. This has been a great success on Android with the most popular keyboard in the store being installed on about 100.000 devices. Couldn't something of the sorts be done in Gnome for on screen keyboards, accessibility tools and other input managers like the one discussed in this thread? They all seem to do the same thing, just in different ways.

Now forgive me if these topics aren't related and thank you for your time.


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