Re: 3.6 Feature: IBus/XKB integration

> not that bad? right. it's the worst case to CJK users.
> then you can only reply on mouth input like disabled persons.
> although GNOME is really good at such technologies.
> that's not what we want.
All of you seem to assume that breakage/regression must happen. I
don't think so.
On the other hand, I've experienced so many regressions in FOSS but
I'm still enthusiastic about FOSS.

> like I said, what you think does not even matter.
> all other emails are based on facts. yours, theory.
> so please don't flood this ML any more.
> it'll give GNOME developers bad impression of the whole CJK community.
I don't think you gave so many insightful facts beyond IBus sucks and
fcitx rocks. I never learn that many facts.

As a user, I'd say I don't care underlying technology. I'd point out
that I don't particular preference over IBus.
Ubuntu 12.04 comes with IBus and I use it. On CentOS 5.5, I compile
fcitx 3.x and use it. They are both inferior to current fcitx 4.x but
they are acceptable for me.
I guess uniform input method UX like that of Mac OS X and Windows is
the real goal. If fcitx rocks, let's use it.

As a developer, I'd care about theory.

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