Re: taking features away (compact view removed from Nautilus)

On Mon, Jul 02, 2012 at 09:38:36AM +0100, Allan Day wrote:
> Adam, if you wanted to discuss this change, you could have done so on
> the bug or on the Nautilus mailing list, or by asking on
> #gnome-design. I would have been happy to have given you some
> background on why the decision was made.

FWIW, I see nothing wrong with using desktop-devel-list. Bugzilla is not
meant for general discussions. For discussing technicalities, cool, but
detailed discussion should be held elsewhere. A quick "why was this
done" is more or less the limit of Bugzilla.

Believe nobody does any harm on purpose, but seems people quickly notice
changes. Way quicker than that they're explained.

I'd just like my rubber band selection to work :P


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