Re: taking features away (compact view removed from Nautilus)

2012/7/2 Allan Day <allanpday gmail com>

Jon has been doing some fantastic work on Nautilus recently. It was
getting very little - if any - developer attention and he has stepped
up to make dramatic improvements, including addressing long-standing
complaints. I'm really excited about the next release of Nautilus
thanks to his work; instead of having no movement whatsoever, we are
going to have lots of great improvements to talk about.

Are you sure? Many basic and long standing nautilus features was removed in the last weeks. I wonder what people inside and outside GNOME will say when they will see, for example, those changes:

IMHO cheering the new streamlined nautilus _after_ all unwanted feature will be removed is not a smart marketing strategy. I fear you can't simply say "the new nautilus is great, our developers did a great works" and hope nobody (community members, users, bloggers, journalists and so on) will complain.

Moreover as a GNOME community member I would prefer to know the reasons of major changes happening in GNOME (I repeat, major: and if you sum up all small removal happened in nautilus you'll have a huge change between 3.4 and 3.6) for a simple and trivial reasons: when people know I'm a GNOME member, then ask me "why GNOME did this? and that? why I can't do this anymore?". Simply replying "by design" is alienating to me :/

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