Re: taking features away (compact view removed from Nautilus)

On Sat, 2012-06-30 at 16:20 -0007, Adam Dingle wrote:

> The features in core GNOME apps are the result of years of hard work
> and consensus building by our community.  All I ask is to be informed
> before these features vanish and to be given the chance to say why I
> like them so much.

The directory tree sidebar was removed recently as well:

Again, no real explanation was given as to why it was removed.  It may
not be the most commonly used feature, but it allows Nautilus to work
like Windows Explorer (a plus for many people, I'm sure), and it is one
of the best ways to organize a bunch of files - drag them to various
places in the tree, without opening tons of tabs and windows.

The anti-pattern for both removals is like, "there's some peeling paint
in this house - let's bulldoze the neighborhood".

I wholly agree with you that these big removals need to be discussed.
It could have gone like,

"I don't like horizontal scrolling in the compact view.  It's like icon
view with labels on the side, anyway."

"No, not really - in icon view the labels wrap and columns are all the
same size, which make the list hard to read."

"Oh, you are right.  Here's the short patch to fix that."

"And what was the problem with horizontal scrolling, anyway?"



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