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On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 3:30 PM, Giovanni Campagna <scampa giovanni gmail com> wrote:

On the other hand, the interesting part here is static application
registration. Lacking any better idea, this is implemented by looking
at the desktop file for a boolean key called
Therefore, I updated the GnomeGoal mentioned in the subject ([1]). If
you develop an application that uses libnotify, please add
X-GNOME-UsesNotifications to the desktop file.

I assume this feature is really about implementing this:

Is that right?
At the same time, you need to make sure that the application is
correctly associated with its stored policy. As I said above, for
regular apps this requires no changes. By regular I mean: sending
notifications from the same process, having a desktop file that is
tracked via WM_CLASS by the shell and having at least one visible
window when the notification is send. If any of those conditions may
not be satisfied, you must set the 'desktop-entry' hint to the
basename of you desktop file, without the final '.desktop'.

I'm not sure I understand this instruction..  Is this in the code or somewhere else?

Hope you are not too angry with me for the new work, and enjoy the new feature!

This is great!  However, I do have a question.  Why does the link:

have this message:

This is only a proposal at this time, and not approved for project-wide application.
This should not be applied before being officially turned into a GNOME Goal!

in a red banner?  I assume that it is in fact an approved GNOME Goal? :-)  Just wondering..


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