Re: Bugzilla upgrade? [was: Re: GNOME Bugmail: Gmail threading finally working!]

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 04:48:43PM +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
> Thanks for bringing this up Andre. I can try to work on the upgrade but I
> never touched Bugzilla before since Olav was used to manage it. I've
> searched around for the upgrade documentation [1] and it doesn't look like
> an hard operation. We should probably wait for Olav to provide some more
> details about the modifications that GNOME made to customize our
> installation, that might be the only bottleneck for a possible upgrade.

Those modifications is the sole reason we're running 3.4.

> But let's keep all the ports open, having someone to assist me during the
> operations will definitely speed everything up for this matter.

Do *NOT* touch Bugzilla. As mentioned before, there are *load* and
*loads* of customizations and I don't mind anyone taking over
maintenance. However, there is a real big difference between taking over
maintainer role and installing a pristine new upstream version on

> 2012/12/12 Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net>
> > On Wed, 2012-12-12 at 16:06 +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
> > > This was just a temporary measure until we upgrade our Bugzilla to the
> > 4.2
> > > release.

The change you made was not communicated to the people maintaining it,
furthermore although you say the change is upstream, the change you
applied is not what is upstream, nor similar. It broke my filtering and
I wonder what other impact it had.

I not want to turn this into stop energy, but please communicate a
little bit.

> > Which brings us to the bigger question how to get GNOME Bugzilla from
> > 3.4 to 4.2. I don't even know if somebody cares to check and backports
> > security upgrades to GNOME Bugzilla.
> > IIRC, when upgrading from 2.20 to 3.4 we received gracious sponsoring by
> > Canonical to pay Max for this task.
> > If nobody has plans to try, this might be something to defer to the
> > foundation board in order to organize sponsoring?

I'm not backporting any security fixes. Only did that while 3.4 was
still maintained upstream.

> > I guess I don't need to copy and paste all improvements from the last
> > three upstream release notes to explain why I push for upgrading.


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