Re: GNOME Bugmail: Gmail threading finally working!

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 02:15:30PM +0100, Andrea Veri wrote:
> I introduced a little fix yesterday night that will modify how bugmail's
> subjects appear, that for Gmail's threading to work properly. (as you may
> know Gmail doesn't look for the In-Reply-To: header but for the subject
> instead)
> New bugs won't be marked with the 'New:' tag anymore while replies will
> append a 'Re:' as it usually happens with the majority of mail clients.
> I would like to thank Jasper St. Pierre for pushing this forward!

I undid that change as you didn't say to me you were making changes.
Furthermore it it broke my filtering, it won't work in every case, it
should be pushed upstream first, secondly you made the change on the
server, not in the repository.

Regarding does not work, "Re:" is not needed for threading. In-Reply-To
and so on are. Gmail only threads by subject, so any time the subject is
adjusted it'll break again.

Please make the change *upstream* first, I cannot maintain Bugzilla as
it is now.

I do really appreciate all the work you're doing. Please do not see
above as a "stop", but prefer if someone would takeover the maintenance,
not small changes which increase maintenance.


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