Re: 3.6 Feature: IBus/XKB integration

Bastien Nocera wrote:

> > I don't know of a physical keyboard layout that has a Compose key.
> > So are we just deciding that one of the keys will always behave
> > differently than the printed keycap?
> > 
> > I suppose if you use a modifier key (R_Alt seems popular) then it
> > can still function as a modifier as well as Compose, though that
> > will interact poorly with sticky keys.
> The usual compose key for Western European keyboards is Alt-Gr. That's
> just one more data point to add to that whole list.

On my totally standard french layout, AltGr is used to type the key
ternary character; I just checked and setting it to be the Compose key
breaks that access.

        Fred (using the right Ctrl key for Compose)

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