3.6 Feature: Initial setup

We haven't really gotten off the ground with 3.6 feature proposals
yet, so I'll make a start by announcing something that I hope to
complete for 3.6: A nice initial setup experience.

I have created a feature page describing this here:

The design can be found here:

The idea here is that we should help a user who boots his newly
installed GNOME for the first time with the setup tasks that are
necessary to make the system usable. Traditionally, this has been
distribution territory, with various tools like firstboot that run at
some point in the boot phase before the login screen. We can do a
nicer job by replacing the login screen on the first boot, and we can
make the transition from the initial-setup tool to the user session

The design currently has screens for
- network
- user account
- location/timezone
- online accounts
The idea is that we want to ask as few things as possible while still
ending up with a system that is ready to use. We don't want to ask for
settings which have good defaults or can be autodetected.

The initial-setup support in gdm will be entirely optional, so
distributions can continue to use their own mechanisms if they prefer.

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