Re: GNOME 3.3 Schedule Draft

On Wed, 2011-09-28 at 09:37 +0200, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Shaun McCance wrote:
> > On Tue, 2011-09-20 at 14:42 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> > > A draft for the GNOME 3.3 schedule is available at
> > > 
> > >
> > > 
> > > Comments are welcome; Silence means compliance.
> > 
> > I notice there's no longer a feature freeze. I was going to propose
> > a change to our UI freeze policy, but my proposal involved feature
> > freeze, and it's gone. Intentional?
> It's intentional, the release team decides on new features, we'll do
> this early (week 6), and this cycle we will try to be more active,
> getting regular status updates on the different features).
> But this doesn't encompass all developments happening in GNOME, but a
> set of "major user visible (and marketable) changes, typically
> affecting several modules, in need of some consensus, and a person to
> lead the change.". For other features we will keep on pushing for
> people to publish roadmaps, but it's simply not possible to forbid
> other developments happening.

The release team decides on big new features that span the desktop.
Individual module maintainers still add features as they like. Let's
say the Evince developers decided to add support for a new document
format. It's not really a UI change in the sense we've traditionally
understood, but it is a feature. And it affects the help. Absent a
feature freeze, they could add support right up until the hard code
freeze, a mere week before the stable release.


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