Splitting gnome-utils for 3.4


I was discussing with Emmanuele the possibility to split the gnome-utils
repository into a separate set of repositories, one for each submodule
contained in gnome-utils (that is: baobab, font-viewer,
gnome-dictionary, gnome-screenshot, gnome-search-tool and

Reasons for this:
- it's already common for downstream distributors to split gnome-utils
into separate packages. A quick search indicates at least Debian, Ubuntu
and Fedora do this.
- the gnome-utils maintainers don't get to decide if and how new modules
should be added to the repository.
- I believe it better suits the GNOME 3 Core/Apps separation model. This
way we can have control over which of the submodules ends up in which
moduleset, without being limited by a all-or-nothing policy.
- I think it's easier for new contributors who want to hack on a module
if each project is self-contained in a separate repository.

If there are no objections to this, I will try to setup the git magic
needed to filter out the submodules from the repository without losing
history and proceed to do the split soon after 3.2 is released.


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