Re: Launching an application requires too many mouse clicks in Gnome 3

On Sun 04 Sep 2011 08:31, Xavier Cho <fender_rules yahoo co kr> writes:

> On a side note, I really like to see kind of a 'switchable' dock so I
> could change set of applications on it according to task currently I'm
> on. For example, when I do some music related work, I often use jackd
> related applications like ardour, hydrogen, lv2rack and etc. Though
> other times, I don't want those icons to clutter my dock, as I rather
> want to have more general set of applications at hand, like a web
> browser and a terminal, and so on.

That does sounds like a workflow that gnome-shell doesn't serve well
right now.  Probably the best way to support it is via an extension,


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