Re: GNOME user survey 2011 (v6)

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 09:58:15AM +0200, Mark wrote:
> > False
> >
> false

> > False
> >
> false

> > False
> >
> false

> > False
> >
> and false

> You are false in all false points. The points are all from messages in this
> thread so i recommend you to read back on the list since you obviously
> missed something.
> And i'm not trying to participate. I'm not part of gnome (anymore).

I don't see when I say your viewpoints and trying to present them as
facts is somehow trying to participate.

> All i try to do is lay out the facts and let gnome realize what they see as
> a "valid" survey is not possible. It would be in a perfect world but that
> isn't the case.

As stated before, the purpose is to gather feedback. That can be done in
various ways.

This survey is really really bad. Especially since loads of warnings
have been given before, but no .

> You threatening with moderation is really below the belt. I try to be
> objective, state facts, be to the point and let gnome realize how realistic
> their view of feedback is. I didn't insult anyone in person.

Already stated that what you see as facts is just opinions.

If I state that your facts aren't facts, and the only thing you do is
reply by saying "false"...

I am threatening with moderation, I was warning. Up to now, everything
in this thread has been said before. Repeating the same discussions by
ignoring all what has been said before.. I don't see the need. And yes,
I am a sysadmin and hand out warning. Ignoring responses and summarize
things as "we don't listen", despite e.g. what what was been said
before, despite the changes listed in the release notes that were made
based on feedback. I don't see the need. I don't see why someone would
think Phoronix survey is not actively trying to influence the results.

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