Re: GNOME user survey 2011 (v6)

> Phoronix and any linux news orientated site would be _perfect_ for a
> Gnome survey! If gnome thinks otherwise then keep on living in that
> little perfect utopia world of gnome. Reality is way different. Gnome
> really seems to be living in some ideal small "everyone loves gnome"
> world where they can tap in sites with millions of unbiased users that
> all give unbiased objective feedback.. Wake up gnome, not gonna
> happen!

Read this:
and ask that question again.

I think it confirms the worst suspicions of those questioning the
usefulness of this survey.

What actionable items or lessons do you see in those 'early results'.
There is no useful feedback there, all I see is fail and a black mark on
the reputation of phoronix.

Olav, I suggest you continue to moderate this thread. I predict nothing
good will come of it.


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