On the Interaction with the design team


I have a simple question (hopefully ddl is the right mail list for
this): how are we supposed to interact with the design team? it seems
that the best way is contacting them through irc in #gnome-design, but
what about Gnome bugzilla? Does setting a keyword or something makes
the design team in the CC of a bug or something so we can get UX
advice from them?

I understand that dealing with design of new features, hanging in IRC
is best as it is faster to interact this way, but there are a bunch of
bugs in Evince that need a thumbs up/thumbs down from the design team
and I d like to know which is the best way of interacting so we can
get these fixed/or wont fixed but with a clear statement from UX point
of view why we are doing so. (and having a page, that probably exists,
explaining the interaction between different teams would be also



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