Re: 3.2 features: color management

On 20 May 2011 14:31, Luca Ferretti <lferrett gnome org> wrote:
> "In GNOME 3.2, colord is an approved external dependancy and many GNOME
> applications should use this to make a 100% color managed desktop."
> Ehmm.. "is"? really?

I sent an email to DDL prior to the release of 3.0 that colord would
be a dep for gnome-color-manager in GNOME 3.2. Nobody at all
complained. I've repeatedly asked people to package it, and since LGM
it's been appearing in other distros slowly. It's not on
ThreePointTwoExternalDependencies wiki page as I can't see that one
exists yet.

The quieten everybody down, colord compiles just fine on the BSD's and
on Solaris, although without xrandr, udev and sane integration, it
doesn't really do anything interesting at all. :-)


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