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On Wed, 18.05.11 12:16, Brian Cameron (brian cameron oracle com) wrote:

> In my discussions with people at Oracle, there is some concern about
> how interfaces like systemd are being managed.  Interface management is
> something that Sun (and now Oracle) obsesses about, as many of you who
> have heard about our "ARC" process know.  Many people at Oracle ask me
> questions about what is going on, but I myself have trouble following
> the evolution from HAL to systemd or how exactly this impacts GNOME on
> non-Linux systems.  I am still digesting the fact that ConsoleKit is
> going away.  Is there a clear big picture, timeline, or roadmap yet?

My and Kay's plans regarding systemd have been circulated and discussed

I think our approach here is as transparent as it can get. 

> I know that people in the GNOME community understand how important good
> documentation is, but there is probably more that could be done to get
> the systemd message out there in an inviting manner, especially if
> there is a serious interest to get wider, especially non-Linux,
> involvement.

Hey, pick something else to criticize us with, than documentation. I
think systemd is much better there than the majority of open source
projects, and we have been blogging about its features regularly.

These docs even have been translated to other languages, and there's a
substantial body of other localized documentation available:

> At the very least, I hope we can design a desktop so that if systemd is
> not present this just disables those parts of the desktop that require
> it.  Not having systemd may disable support for things like removeable
> media, power management, etc.  There should not be a reason why not
> having systemd should prevent GNOME from being used at all.

Yes, this is pretty much in line with what I suggested with the
time/locale/hostname mechanisms, and the g-s interfacing. It's basically
what Solaris has been doing with PulseAudio as well.

> The only thing HAL is currently used for in Solaris is removeable
> media (e.g. USB) support.  Sun Ray client devices do have USB jacks, so
> it would be neat to have better removeable media support for them.
> Sadly, HAL on Solaris today only supports the desktop on the console,
> so there really is not any removeable media support in GNOME for Sun
> Ray users.  We need to rework all this code anyway.  Perhaps it makes
> sense to solve this problem together via systemd?

systemd does not really cover that. That's mostly done in gio now, with
a bit of udisks thrown in, both sitting on top of libudev.


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