Re: systemd as external dependency

> Yes, it might cost us a bit to be open and friendly like this -- and to
> be honest, I'm not convinced the cost is that high for GNOME code, while
> it certainly is for systemd -- but our community is not just about
> purely technical matters. We also care about being open and friendly.
> Or at least, we should.
Thank you Vincent, that is sooo true.

Even from technical POV, could please someone explain - why cannot
GNOME define some reasonable cross-desktop dbus interface (not tied to
particular internals of systemd), standardize it on fd.o, provide
single implementation (in systemd) and let other OSes care about
themselves - in _friendly_ manner, as you Vincent say? If that
interface is well designed - I do not think it would be hard for
others to implement it. Why introduce hard dependency on the daemon
which is not a total standard even in Linux world?

The whole concept about GNOME OS seems to be more dangerous than
useful... This idea comes up every time GNOME wants to alienate
somebody or something.


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