Re: New module proposal: LightDM

On Sun, 2011-05-15 at 13:30 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:
> Bastien:
> > I'll repeat what I said in the past. Solaris developers will need to
> > write some code at some point, or just give up. We can't stand around
> > waiting for them to make a move when we want to better the functionality
> > of GNOME as a Desktop.
> I have personally written & committed over 100 patches to GDM since the
> 2.21 rewrite timeframe.  Work I have done has improved GDM usability,
> XDMCP code, how GDM works when managing multiple displays at the same
> time, etc.  Other Solaris developers have also helped, such as Halton
> Huo.  This has bee time consuming since (as Jos pointed out), getting
> changes accepted into GDM can be very time consuming.  So, developers
> working on Solaris have been supportive of the new GDM rewrite, I
> think.  Your comment seems to be rather dismissive.

I didn't mean writing code for GDM, but rather having a hand in shaping
the underlying services, and making sure there's parity in what you
implement for Solaris, and what will be implemented for Linux.

> Anyway, is there a real need or benefit to talk about Solaris GDM
> participation in a discussion about whether to accept LightDM as a
> module?

If LightDM uses the same interfaces as GDM, then you're going to have
problems whether we stick with GDM, or go with LightDM. So you'll have a
problem either way.

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