Re: Settings downstream would reasonably want to add [was: long thread with no resolution]

On 2011-05-13 at 10:31, Ross Burton wrote:
> If we ported to GNOME 3 platform but wanted to keep our experience
> mostly the same then we'd be able to drop several entirely (e.g.
> Background & Fonts, Printing, Date & Time), remove some others and
> move to patches (i.e. Power, just hide a few settings that we enforce
> instead).  We'd still want the settings that control *our* desktop
> shell (i.e. MyZone, Toolbar) and there are some that are still
> sufficiently different that we'd still need custom capplets (i.e.
> Monitors).

given that the MeeGo UX for netbooks is pretty different than the stock
Gnome 3 UX, patches for MeeGo specific UX component would still need to
live downstream, not upstream. so I see no problem with distro patches
adding new control center modules, really; and that's generally what
Bastien (among others) proposed, as far as I understood.



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