Re: dropping generation of old devhelp format in gtk-doc

On 11.05.2011 11:37, Frederic Peters wrote:
> Stefan Kost wrote:
>> In 2005 we created a new format for devhelp index files that contains more
>> details. It is supported since devhelp-0.11 (18.Dec.2005). The next release of
>> gtk-doc will not generate the old devhelp files anymore. This speeds up the
>> builds a bit and saves some bytes on your hard-dives :)
>> If I am overlooking something here, please let me know.
> library-web (used to generate was still parsing
> .devhelp files in some places, I just pushed a fix.
thanks for the quick fix. I just pushed the patch - still some time
before next release.

commit 0e91e9874859a4c5e92f9442e069dd9bdd9dbc3f
Author: Stefan Kost <ensonic users sf net>
Date:   Wed May 11 11:13:09 2011 +0300

    devhelp: remove generation of old devhelp files
    We're supporting devhelp2 files since 2005. Those are supported since
    devhelp-0.11 (18.Dec.2005). Dropping them speeds up the
    builds a bit and saves some bytes peoples hard-drives.

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