Re: 3.2: gjs/seed

> This is basically what libpeas achieves these days using introspection: the
> application author chooses which dynamic language he wants to use for
> extending his app among the few available choices (python, js, seed).

I will be writing a full reply to this thread soon, but I have been
busy with finishing up my last semester of school and haven't gotten
around to it. I thought I would comment on this quickly though so the
debate doesn't get in the wrong direction.

The whole idea of using multiple dynamic language bindings to GObject
in a single application is flawed due to the toggle reference system.
Without changes to GObject, or some sort of (and this would have to be
very clever...) infrastructure to allow language bindings to share
toggle references, we can't really offer the user a choice of multiple
languages, at least on the per application basis.

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