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On 29/03/11 13:18, Guillaume Desmottes wrote:
Hi Martyn,


Thanks for this very detailed list.

Just off the top of my head ;)

Le mardi 22 mars 2011 à 18:58 +0000, Martyn Russell a écrit :
For me (and these are regressions since Gossip, possibly related to
cross protocol compatibility in places?):

- Can't name favourite chatrooms so they have a hideous title in tabs

Good catch. I opened

- Chat windows expand horizontally when typing a lot of text.

That's actually a GTK+ bug:

Oh? We fixed it in the UI in Gossip - perhaps you found another bug or we worked around it in the past. Either way, great! :)

- My nick constantly resets to my Jabber ID (previously the part before
'@' was at least used as a fallback).

That's a nasty one. We recently fixed various place which could lead to
this bug, so I'd be interested to know if you are still experiencing
this issue with a recent Empathy and telepathy-mission-control.
If you do, please comment on

Will try to find time to comment there, thanks for the bug number.

- Showing messages to me in the actual group chat window would be nice,
currently we just highlight the tab if we get a message directly, but
for historical purposes, I miss not seeing it when I scroll back up.

You mean highlighting the message itself in the chat window?

Highlighting the line itself (or just my nick). For example, (quite often), I come back from lunch, I have 2 or 3 messages from different people in one channel or room. I need to scan myself and search for my name being mentioned. Instead, if the name was highlighted, it would be much quicker for the eye to spot.

- Showing the date on every message in group chat is irritating
especially when copy/pasting. Once per "block" or per 5 minutes would
make more sense. It would also reduce the UI noise.

Good point; I opened

Great! :)

If you figure out how to concatenate connect/disconnect messages, let me know - that one was quite hard to figure out with Gossip. :)

For more context:

Imagine, you're in a room and someone has connection issues, if they reconnect 5 times, that's 10 messages. Really, you just want the last one or the first and last set. Either way, spamming the room/chat is horrible.

Other than that, UI wise, my eye notices things like:

- Protocols dialog needs some love and is not aligned or spaced our
nicely in some cases.

You mean the accounts dialog? We've done some tweaks in it this cycle.
Let us know if you observe any specific issue.

Yea, my eye is overly sensitive about alignments.

- Contacts menu item in a group chat window has no menu items?! It
should be removed/hidden in that case.

Yea, it should.

It's now unsensitive.


- Tabs menu in group chats should be removed entirely. You can do all
these things with keyboard shortcuts and even with those I don't ever do
it. IMO it's just UI clutter (IIRC we removed this in Gossip).

Don't know, Epiphany has one and I think it's good to stay coherent

OK. But how often do you use it, especially given the keyboard shortcuts and drag/drop code there to make that work nicely? I remember working on the dnd code for contact list --> chat room, :) nice stuff. Should find out if that still works actually.

In either case, another app using such a menu isn't a good reason IMO and I always prefer cleaner UIs. But it's your barbeque. ;)

- The rooms menu list (favourites) would be much nicer if they were
grouped according to protocol. Listing IRC/Jabber groups together would
look much nicer.

Not sure; alphabetic order could make more sense for most users to who
the protocol is just an implementation detail.

Not really what I meant. This is currently what I have (renamed a few):


As a matter of correct sorting/ordering, you would already put the IRC channels together of course. But you could also take that one step further and order according to account too. That doesn't really help my situation anyway, since I only have 2 accounts I use chatrooms with anyway. For disambiguity, you could also show the protocol icon next to the menu item.

- Why can I expand the "Rooms List" in the join group chat for FaceBook
accounts if there are no rooms? This should be insensitive really.

Facebook is a strange beast. is about detecting
Facebook connection in Gabble and disable unsupported features.

- File Transfers dialog has no "Close" button, like every other dialog.

I can't believe I never noticed that before. I opened

Np ;)

- The information dialog looks really unaligned regarding the widgets
packed in there. I know this dialog is quite hard to get right, we
constantly refactored this in Gossip due to the dynamic nature of the
data that can be shown there. There is also a frame round the details at
the top for some reason which I don't think the HIG suggests.

Yeah this dialog is a real pain. :(

- Why do we show the contact's presence information in the "Edit Contact
Information", it doesn't seem useful to put that there. The protocol
icon is though, nice touch ;)

Good point. I opened


- The "Edit Contact Information" used to have a "Fetch" so you could get
the default from the v-card (in cases where you have a local
alternative). I actually missed that recently when I wanted it. Perhaps
I am being a bit eccentric though :)

We have some plan to make the distinction between the alias (defined by
the contact) and the pet name (defined by the user), but that can be
tricky from an UI pov.

Yea, it's not easy to do either, especially with meta contacts.

- In group chats, I see other people's avatars, but not my own for my

That's a Gabble bug:

Ah great, known then.

Features I would like to see (and wanted in Gossip actually):

- Highlighting when words are mentioned (like xchat does), not just my
nick in a room.

I guess this could be implemented as a plugin at some point? is about adding
plugins support.


- Time the person has been away would be really nice.

Most (all?) protocols don't give us this information, so the only way to
do it is to record it ourself. But yeah, I guess that can be useful:

Yea, it would have to be locally done unless provided.

Don't take this as a personal thing (given the history with Gossip), I
know how hard it is to integrate n protocols into 1 workable UI. Just
thought I would share the things which, to me, could be improved upon
from my daily experience.

Sure, don't worry, such mail is very interesting for us to have a better
idea of what's bothering people and know about new issues.

Thanks for opening all those bugs and being so receptive about it all.


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