Re: Using .tar.xz only on (was: install-module / /

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 01:21:38PM +0000, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
> What is the reasoning behind this move? Just storage savings? It seems

For xz:
1) Much faster download
2) Much smaller
3) Doesn't use a lot of memory when decompressing (9MB)
4) Uncompress speed seems similar to bz2 (as in: don't notice a

> to me that it will actually be easier to request our sponsors
> (RedHat/Novell/Oracle...) for more storage than pushing everyone into
> the pain of having to deal with such unfamiliar format. We are

Could you expand on the pain?

> releasing .gz and .bz2 at the same time at the moment. Getting rid of
> .gz would be reasonable, bz2 is supported everywhere for many years,
> whereas .xz, well, is the first time I hear about it. We cannot assume
> that the change won't have an impact just because most modern Linux
> distros have packages to support the format.

I won't assume, I'm in no hurry. Nothing will happen before I fully
understand implications and everyone is aware (d-d-l is just to plan;
not to check impact).

> I am not trying to criticise the effort rather than trying to
> understand why is this such a big win.

Various reasons:
1) Way less storage space required
2) Everything stored needs to be backed up
   Seems simple, but a lot of the new machines we have are not backed
3) Less storage means quicker backups
4) Total size of will mean how many people will be able to
   mirror it
5) I want more mirrors in different continents
   ATM, we have 1. I'd like around 5, but that means 5 times the current
   bandwidth. Which is free, but slow (USA->.nl)
6) Xz makes 'install-module' *much* slower; only one format would
   alleviate it a bit

But mostly:
1) I'm still investigating / it is still being planned
2) If every problem can be solved, I don't see why not (#4)
3) Currently, I think most users of are either packagers,
   or developers.
4) I understand it will have an impact, but from my current
   understanding of the tarball users, I don't believe it it an
   Seems easier switch than CVS->SVN->Git.
5) Already in use
   From what I noticed, GNU already is .xz only
6) Open to feedback
   ATM I haven't noticed anything major; though:
    *) have to await the more details about Solaris
    *) didn't ask for feedback
7) I'm in *no* hurry.


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