Re: no way to change theme or fonts in System Settings?

On 03/17/2011 12:28 PM, Juanjo Marin wrote:
El jue, 17-03-2011 a las 10:55 +0000, Allan Day escribió:
Note: I don't think we should be 'recommending' such a tool as a part of
the GNOME 3 experience. GNOME 3 is great as is, and people shouldn't
need to change it. If they desperately want to tweak, they can, of
course; and John has provided an easy way to do it (go John!)
I agree, but IMHO, it is common for users to change the theme, so, even
without promoting it, a lot of users will be using this tweaking tool if
it is the only way for do it.
Sorry for bringing up analogies here, but I share an office with a company who specialize in user support for Linux and in the same building is also (what I would call) a geek-café [1] and one thing that really surprised me over time was the massive number of users who never changes these settings. This is not really any data that I would dare my life on, but I still found it really interesting. That said, we are too late for 3.0 and need get that release out of the door, and there is also a mailing list specific for the control center where I think it would be best to hold this discussion, as this is a subject that can become quite noisy _really fast_. The list is gnomecc-list [2].


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