Re: no way to change theme or fonts in System Settings?

Le mercredi 16 mars 2011, à 19:31 -0700, Adam Dingle a écrit :
> In the current GNOME 3 build the System Settings application doesn't seem to
> give me any way to change my fonts or theme.  This seems like a significant
> regression from the previous Control Center, which offered the Appearance
> applet for this purpose.  Was theme/font configuration removed
> intentionally?  Or is it planned, but there simply hasn't been time to
> implement this in System Settings yet?  Will there be any way a user can
> configure these through the GUI in GNOME 3.0?

There'll be a tool for that, although that is an add-on tool (ie, not
part of the control center). Since I've been lagging on this, John
Stowers stepped up and moved much faster than I did (he also chose
python while I was playing with js ;-)):

(kudos to John!)

This needs some love, and we'll import that in, I assume.
But yeah, that's how we will deal with this :-)



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