Re: no way to change theme or fonts in System Settings?

> There'll be a tool for that, although that is an add-on tool (ie, not
> part of the control center). Since I've been lagging on this, John
> Stowers stepped up and moved much faster than I did (he also chose
> python while I was playing with js ;-)):
> (kudos to John!)
> This needs some love, and we'll import that in, I assume.
> But yeah, that's how we will deal with this :-)

I wanted to finish of a few more things, but this has been imported onto
the GNOME git now, and lives here; (screenshots)

It supports most of the contentious issues I saw people talking about,
and some extra niceties like gtk theme switching (only shows themes that
have gtk+-2 and gtk+-3 support), and shell theme switching +
installation (needs the usertheme extension from [1])

Adding 'tweaks' for new things is pretty easy, see tweaks/tweak_*.py for

Feedback appreciated.

Oh, and the new pygobject (+ gobject-introspection) is seven types of



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