Re: On the Interaction with the design team

On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 7:22 AM, Tomeu Vizoso <tomeu sugarlabs org> wrote:
Something that has worked well in Sugar has been to start discussion
on the mailing list and then schedule a meeting on IRC. Afterwards
minutes are sent back to the ml where discussion can continue and the
feature champion adds mockups/etc to the wiki.

This seems like a pretty sane process  and allows people interested to participate as necessary.  As long as there are minutes I think this is great.  The problem I see here is that the same topics tend to show up.  We'll need to make sure that duplicate topics are handled correctly and if there are follow up questions that are pertinent we could discuss those.  But endlessly discussing the same topics is just wearingly.

Not to concern troll, but log bots and what not still require some kind of discipline to communicate it to the rest of the community.  You need to have a couple of people who will volunteer to communicate those discussions.

One method would be to automatically email IRC discussions to a list of volunteers whose job is to filter and then post a summary on a weekly or daily basis.  The idea is to spread the load to as many volunteers willing to do this.  This could be people who are interested in keeping track of design.

That way there is some method to keep the communication going for those who can't attend.

My two cents.


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