Re: Moduleset Reorganization -- Take two

Murray Cumming wrote:

> > > What is happening? Maintainers deserve to know.
> > 
> > Taking just the bindings, for example, you seem to have done this
> > without bothering to inform the affected maintainers
> > - Dropped all bindings apart from C++ (gtkmm and co).
> > - And volunteered gtkmm for slightly stronger API/ABI and
> > release-frequency rules.
> Will the release-team please reply.

Sorry this is something I have to do and have been to busy at work
there last days. But to precisely answer your questions:

 - the bindings have not been dropped, there is C++, there is Python
   (which is now just pygobject + introspection), there is JS (twice),
   there is no C# (but
   has a plan), there is no Perl or Java, but they were not in the
   previous modulesets either (and not being in the jhbuild
   modulesets didn't mean not being released alongside GNOME, for the
   Perl bindings).

 - there is no stronger API/ABI rules, but it's true we'd like to have
   gtkmm follow the schedule.

Sorry again for being this slow,


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