Re: Plans for Encoding Profiles Manager & Gnome Media Converter for Gnome 3

On 30.12.2010 16:37, Gendre Sebastien wrote:
> Le jeudi 30 décembre 2010 à 14:42 +0200, Stefan Kost a écrit :  
>> We (the GStreamer project) work on this right now. The current git of
>> gst-plugins-base has GstEncodeBin and a profile library. This will be
>> part of a tarball release in January. We're still working on utility
>> functions for applications to lookup profile suitable for a specific
>> purpose. Here is the bug for this part:
>> Check the closed previous bug mentioned in 1st comment for some
>> background.
>> Stefan
> Thank you. ^_^
> Is it planed to make an UI for manage profiles directly?
> However it's a great new. Now I can continue my media converter project.
> I need to adapt it with your GstEncodeBin and translate it. 
> Many people interested to join this project?
we won't have any UI. I believe it would be nice to have a UI to manage
the profiles. That is edit them, write new ones and probably
upload/download some from the internet (nothing concrete here).


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