Planned GNOME Shell UI changes (was Re: String and UI Change Announcement)

On Sun, 2011-01-09 at 23:31 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:

> It probably makes sense at least for the shell team and for the people
> working on the default theme to tell gnome-doc-list how much of the UI
> can be expected to still change during that period. It'd be a shame to
> have people starting to take many screenshots if they'll all be outdated
> a few weeks after.

Here's what I'm aware of in the pipeline. I would expect various changes
in addition to this, but nothing very major.

- Owen

Patches in the process of landing

 * The default font will be changing to Cantarell and font sizes for the
   top panel will change. (Should land in the next couple of days.)

 * A completely revised calendar popdown.

 * The shutdown/logout dialogs will be changing from GTK+ dialogs to
   shell-themed dialogs

 * The way that the dash (left bar in the overview) resizes when there
   are more thing than fit is getting some improvements and will look
   prettier. (So for now screenshot it when icons are at the largest

Stuff less far along

 * UI will be added for displaying information about fallback mode
   and forcing fallback mode when the system seems capable of doing
   a full composited desktop.

   (This is my biggest area of concern going into GNOME 3.0 - not
   having the final design or much code for this.)

 * A native network indicator applet will be added that works with
   NetworkManager 0.9 will be landing. (So don't screenshot the
   current nm-applet which doesn't even have symbolic icons for
   the panel)

 ? We may be implementing the workspace mockups
   from - I'd really like to get
   these in - the current workspace management just isn't very
   good - but we don't have code started on them so it's a

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