Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Peter Korn schreef op ma 03-01-2011 om 16:18 [-0800]:
> > I'm unsure about these ones:
> > - AccessX Status

> Folks who are deaf and also have a physical impairment that impacts
> their ability to type (e.g. only a single functioning "finger
> equivalent") need a visual indication of the AccessX status.  [...]
> But... some means of visually indicating the AccessX status is
> definitely important for GNOME 3.0. 

Thanks for clarifying. My message was about the Gnome panel/applets
situation, so I think the AccessX Status applet should be moved to the
list of important features if is the de facto way for Gnome panel and no
alternative is available.

    — Wouter

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