Re: Boxes and 3.4


> Regarding the rationale of Boxes as a core app, I think we definitely
> need something to nicely handle insertion of an OS installer or live
> media. The best thing to do in that scenerio is the creation and
> launch of a VM (box) and Boxes already does that for you. Without
> Boxes as part of every GNOME installation, we won't have this working
> out of the box and bore the users by showing them files on the media.

Be honest, how often have you inserted an OS installer or live media in
your life. Even as a power user I haven't use my DVD drive for probably
the last half year. I don't think this is a typical day-to-day use case.

Anyway, as Matthias already pointed out, Boxes is fine in the moduleset it
currently is in.


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