Re: Killing bug-buddy?

On Fri, 2011-08-26 at 00:05 +0200, Olav Vitters wrote:
> That all said, I propose killing bug-buddy and recommending the usage
> of ABRT.

well, there are things about ABRT you might want to know. The feature of
"ABRT talking to bugzilla" is not that great, as it talks to downstream
bugzilla only, it doesn't know how to talk to upstream bugzilla like the
Gnome's. You might notice significantly less bug crashers reported by
regular users since ABRT got in use, those bugs are usually moved
manually to Gnome's bugzilla. Though 'usually' here doesn't mean much,
because there is no enough man power to investigate and move each ABRT
downstream report to upstream, basically the work I would expect triage
team does, thus one might become a monkey for moving bugs between
bugzillas instead of fixing those bugs. What's the gain of ABRT then?
But to be correct, I was told that there is only a matter of writing a
plugin for Gnome bugzilla (I do not know whether it is written already
or not, I lost track of it after more than a year), so maybe once that
is written, and downstream packagers will be able to instruct ABRT to
use certain bugzilla instead of the distribution's (which might be
already possible with latest ABRT, I suppose), then that will be the
time when ABRT will be usable for upstream projects too.

I guess you want to kill bug-buddy for regular users only, as you was
talking about bugzilla connection, because ABRT is unusable for
developers, as it silently ignores crashes in applications which are not
packaged, furthermore, if you enable to catch crashes of unpackaged
applications, then it is not able to get the backtrace right. That's a
reason why I resurrected bug-buddy on my machine, also for gtk3
applications, thus I know why my application is crashing, and when.

Anyway, from my point of view, if there will be a real replacement of
bug-buddy, which for ABRT means being able to directly report to
upstream bugzilla for upstream projects, then I'm totally for it.

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