Killing bug-buddy?

The Bugzilla developers pinged me regarding the GNOME Bugzilla version.
So I checked a bit into what changes we have. One of the big difference
vs upstream that is hard to change into an extension is the way
Bug-Buddy interacts with Bugzilla. It was meant to use the standard
XML-RPC method, but unfortunately the API changed after we used it.
Furthermore, Bug-Buddy actually creates new users in Bugzilla and never
really investigates if that email address belong to the user (tradeoff
between security and easy of use). That is something that upstream
obviously never does.

Since Bug-Buddy was created, there have been other tools to catch
crashers. The one I know is ABRT; I know it can interact with Bugzilla,
but that requires you to fill in your Bugzilla account information in
ABRT. Other than that, I have 0 knowledge regarding ABRT.

That all said, I propose killing bug-buddy and recommending the usage of

As mentioned, I don't know if this makes sense; but really hope it does.

I'm guessing we'll need to work with the various distributions to ensure
the crashers still get sent to us.

Comments / advice?

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