Re: ThreePointOne: Contacts

On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 12:45 +0000, Patrick Ohly wrote:

> Another conceptual problem is that the server cannot communicate well
> with the user. A client might pop up rich dialogs and ask the user for
> help in cases that it cannot decide automatically (but designing such
> a dialog is an unsolved problem). SyncML servers (and probably other
> servers, too) don't have that option and instead fall back to
> heuristics which fail inevitably in some cases.

I think we'll have done something wrong if we need to ask the user to
resolve their own conflicts (especially on a semi-regular basis in a
process that may have started automatically in the background).

I'm confident that sync is one of those things that users might request
if you give them a checklist of features, but wouldn't want to deal with
if they had to sort through hard-to-communicate conflict resolution
dialogs like this. I think backups fall into a similar category, except
they're even simpler. We all know how well most people deal with
those :)


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