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On Tue, 2011-04-19 at 11:43 +0200, daniel g. siegel wrote:
> another very important point is synchronisation. together with salomon
> sickert we thought about how to solve this problem. basically we came up
> with the idea of a self-replicating backend, like couchdb. if we then
> could add support to the contact apps of other computer/devices like a
> n900 or android, we would get synchronisation and conflict management
> for free.
> then there is also the idea of having a webservice for the gnome
> contacts app, where you can access your contacts over the internet.
> we are very interested in your opinions about this!

I don't know really. Synchronization is a tricky subject, with complex
protocols and risk for merge problems. Its almost always a source of
weird problems. I don't think we want to have synchronization as some
core part of the design. 

On the other hand, its important that there is some level of support for
synchronizing contacts with e.g. phones. So, I guess we need to think
about where it fits in.

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