Planning features for 3.2

Hello all,

Have you partied enough already? Are you eager to start tackling 3.2?

If we follow our usual schedule, we will have 3.1.1 in one month.

Instead of hurrying back to our tools I'd like to propose to spend
some of the month planning for features, especially in the areas where
cross module cooperation is required.

>From Matthias email and others I started assembling a very
minimalistic list of potential features,

The pages are currently mostly empty shells, there are currently four
sections, "description", "involved parties", "current status", and
"how to help"; certainly people with experience from working on the
Fedora feature pages, or the Ubuntu blueprints, will have ideas and
can restructure those.

Of course you are also free to add new pages, but do note this is not
a "brainstorm"-type place, in fact I think at some point we will want
to "freeze" the set of features (but when? in one month?).

I believe it is really important to get on it soon, to assemble teams,
with people from the different projects, designers & developers; we
are still using a six month schedule, this doesn't give us a lot of
time... So please go on those pages, and if you feel concerned by a
particular feature, go and edit it.

Cheers, it's still time to enjoy 3.0,


[this list of features is UX oriented, we still have the GNOME goals
for more technical stuff]

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