Re: Planning features for 3.2

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 4:32 AM, Frederic Peters <fpeters gnome org> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Have you partied enough already? Are you eager to start tackling 3.2?
> If we follow our usual schedule, we will have 3.1.1 in one month.
> Instead of hurrying back to our tools I'd like to propose to spend
> some of the month planning for features, especially in the areas where
> cross module cooperation is required.
> From Matthias email and others I started assembling a very
> minimalistic list of potential features,
> The pages are currently mostly empty shells, there are currently four
> sections, "description", "involved parties", "current status", and
> "how to help"; certainly people with experience from working on the
> Fedora feature pages, or the Ubuntu blueprints, will have ideas and
> can restructure those.
> Of course you are also free to add new pages, but do note this is not
> a "brainstorm"-type place, in fact I think at some point we will want
> to "freeze" the set of features (but when? in one month?).
> I believe it is really important to get on it soon, to assemble teams,
> with people from the different projects, designers & developers; we
> are still using a six month schedule, this doesn't give us a lot of
> time... So please go on those pages, and if you feel concerned by a
> particular feature, go and edit it.

Thanks, I'll try to get a first pass on these done this weekend.

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