I need your help with the Platform Overview

I was up late last night trying to get all the pieces together
for the Platform Overview. I wish I could have gotten to this
sooner, but the new user help has consumed me for the last few
weeks. It's become clear to me that I can't write and maintain
this on my own.

Fortunately, the new structure is topic-oriented, and it's much
simpler. So everybody can just take a page and work on it. What
I'd like is for library developers to take ownership of their
library in the Platform Overview. That means the Telepathy page
is written by the Telepathy developers, the Clutter page is
written by the Clutter developers, and so on.

The Overview is as much about marketing as it is documentation.
So this is you promoting your hard work. I can still help with
style and markup, of course. I'm not just washing my hands of
this. But I need your help to make this not crap.

View the Overview in git here:

git clone ssh://git.gnome.org/git/gnome-devel-docs
cd gnome-devel-docs/platform-overview/C
yelp .

Some of the pages are copied from the old Overview, and are
more or less OKish (though the writing style is more formal
than what we do these days). Some only have a sentence or
two, because I gave up last night. Some were removed, not
because I don't like them, but because I didn't get to them.
They're sitting in git as .page.stub files. (To see them in
Yelp, pass --editor-mode)

There's a common format pages should follow. It's simple.

* One paragraph on what the technology is
* One or more paragraphs hyping its features and design
* Final paragraph saying when to use the library
* List of links:
  - A tutorial, if available (our new demos are best)
  - Reference documentation
  - Web site, if useful

If you care about your library being part of the GNOME
developer platform, please take an hour out of your day
to write about it. I will make very regular releases of
documentation packages for 3.0, so we can get new content
onto developer.gnome.org quickly.


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