Re: GNOME 3.2 ideas and plans

On 02/04/11 14:08, Adrien Bustany wrote:
Additional work that could be done for a document centric GNOME:

1. Integrate tracker-preferences as a control panel applet, maybe with
    some basic monitoring (index up to date/indexing files, time

I also meant to say, we removed the tracker-status-icon because it was a geeky toy really. For status of indexing, I think that's really not so useful in the majority of cases. It should "just work". We have had quite some people asking for some sort of UI based progress indication. The ideas range from:

 1. A tab in tracker-needle
 2. Using the notification API
 3. As Adrien says, some sort of applet

I personally like #2. It would only be used in a few cases, for things like those below. Any comments are welcome at this point:

 - Indexing paused (and the reason - usually disk space or low battery)
 - Indexing resumed
 - Indexing finished (on first indexes only)
 - Indexing status (only with large quantities of new data, like
   plugging in a new USB drive) giving some estimated time.

All of this is currently available via tracker-control right now (including the time estimation which was recently added in 0.10.6).


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