Re: GNOME 3.2 ideas and plans

On Tue, 2011-03-22 at 10:02 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:

> - 'Finding and reminding' in the shell. There are fairly detailed
> writeups about this, and the Zeitgeist team and Federico have been
> working on something that at least looks similar.
> - Application menu / Actions / Jumplists. This got tied up in the
> back-and-forth over GApplication and never really got finished.

We should totally be able to get both of these into a good shape for

I've started a wiki page for the whole "Document-centric Gnome" project:

A super-quick summary of the current status of things:

- The 'zeitgeist' branch in gnome-shell is in  It makes
gnome-shell use Zeitgeist instead of GtkRecent* when you do a search.
It has embryonic support for jumplists, as it shows you recently- and
frequently-used files relative to an application when you bring up that
app's right-click menu.

- The 'journal' branch for gnome-shell is in gitorious (URL in the wiki
page).  It's not usable yet.  It displays a journal-like timeline of
what got logged in Zeitgeist - files you visited, web sites, etc.  It's
nowhere near as developed as gnome-activity-journal, but the idea is to
catch up and to make it shell-grade sexy.

- I've been gathering links for old discussions about jumplists; they
are in that wiki page.  Except for the final look and feel, Zeitgeist
already gives us all the file-related information for apps.  What is
missing is a way to let apps add commands to jumplists.

- There is a lot of horizontal work to be done across apps to make them
integrate well with the Document Centric project.  I'll put tasks in
that wiki page and file bugs as appropriate --- think of things like the
"Show in file manager" that is now in Evince; we need that everywhere.
(Related to that example is client-side window decorations, but that is
a big project that probably won't get done for 3.2 - but we can live
without it for now.)


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