the last lap: getting onto the gnome3 train again


as you can see from the schedule draft that Andre sent out yesterday,
it is high time that we get back onto the gnome3 train; lots of things
to do there, and only 5 month left to do them. We need to get a 2.91.1
release out soon, to have a baseline to work against. In fact, the
schedule calls for 2.91.1 by Oct 4 - that is a week from now !!!

What we minimally need for that release is that everything at least
builds (and preferably works) with GTK+ master, which has recently
seen some disruptive changes (see Benjamins mail on that topic).
Benjamin and I are going to work on patches to make stuff work with
current GTK, but we clearly need help to get everything back into
working order by next week. So please, help us by reviewing and
applying the patches that can be found here:


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