Re: libnotify and GNOME 3

Am 23.06.2010 12:12, schrieb Richard Hughes:
> libnotify is the only major library that I'm unclear on for GNOME 3.
> It's a conditional buildrequire in all my GNOME projects (as libnotify
> still uses gtk2.0) and I'm sure we should have a more compelling
> vision for notifications in GNOME 3.0. Does libnotify just require
> building against gtk3 or do we need a bigger rethink?
> I'm wondering if there has been any discussions on notifications or
> even any API? Specifically for the shell I guess, but it would be nice
> for it to work in a GNOME 2.x fallback environment too.
> Thanks,
> Richard.

We're not using libnotify in maemo/meego anymore as well. We need a more
flexible systems that allows us to handle pushing notifications to various
senses. It like a matrix:
           foreground   background
hearing    play sound   play short beep
vision     show bubble  flash led
touch      vibrate      short vibra burst

The foreground/background stuff is controlled by the ressource policy
( ohm, libressource, ...)

... just in case someone considers redesigning libnotify.


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