Request for GNOME 2.32: Metacity 2.30.2 breaks majority of themes (patch)

This is regarding

I don't know why nobody else has noticed this (some early adopters
_are_ noticing:,
but Metacity 2.30.2 has broken compatibility with a majority of
available themes for previous versions. This stems from the change
from GDK drawing to cairo that occurred immediately before the code
freeze. The actual problem isn't that cairo can't imitate the GDK
drawing properly, it's that the code currently attempting to do so is
simply wrong. It anti-aliases lines that previously were aliased and
makes several coordinate assumptions that are incorrect.

I've added a very small patch at the bug URL that not only fixes these
problems and produces pixel-identical output to previous versions, it
also simplifies the code. I realize a lot of GNOME developers just use
default themes that don't exhibit these problems because of use of
pixmaps, but many end-users do use custom themes, and these are highly
visible errors.

I'm not a GNOME/Metacity/Mutter developer, and I can't commit or make
requests to the release team list, so I'm hoping someone takes note
and fixes this. Could someone with metacity commit privileges and/or
some release-team member please try get this fixed or contact someone
who can fix it before the the 2.32 final tarballs roll out?

Thanks in advance,
Brandon Wright

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