Maintainers, please read: 2.31.92 fun


I'm working on 2.31.92, and it's fun. Or actually, it's not :-) Help
from various maintainers is needed to make this release happen.

First, let me introduce a new rule:

 Rule: the release team will feel free to commit to any module where
       *_DISABLE_DEPRECATED or -Werror flags are enabled by default in
       tarballs. It's fine to have those flags by default when building
       from git, but not from tarballs.

We've told that several times in the past, and the release team is hit
by this issue for every release, so I guess it's time to just fix it.

This week, with the deprecation of GDK_DISPLAY()/gdk_display in GTK+
2.21.8, we have a bunch of modules that fail to build:

 - clutter-gtk (okay, we can't commit there ;-))
 - epiphany
 - gnome-disk-utility (fixed in git)
 - metacity (use -Werror)
 - tomboy
 - totem

(There were a few others, but they got fixed already,thanks to the

Next is gobject-introspection: Colin has been working hard to fix
various issues (still waiting for a new gobject-introspection tarball
with those fixes, though). Unfortunately, it turns out that this breaks
some builds:

 - gstreamer: we need the gstreamer fix from
              However, there's no gstreamer release planned before
 - totem-pl-parser:
 - libgee: the gir file generated by vala has a 1.1 format, instead of
           the new 1.2 format. So I guess we need a new vala, with this
 - telepathy-glib: Namespace conflict for
                   'iface_quark_connection_manager'. I think that's
                   something that should get fixed in g-i?
 - polkit: Namespace conflict for 'implicit_authorization_get_type'.
           Same as above.
 - gnome-games:

That's the issues I had so far. I'm still waiting for a glib tarball
(Ryan?), which will remove GApplication, IIRC. I hope everything is
ready for this...


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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