Holes in GNOME 3 process

So, we have a nice schedule for GNOME 3 at:


That's not in itself going to get us to a good solid GNOME 3. There
seems to a lot more stuff that needs doing on the coordination side, and
if it's happening, it's not being very well advertised, because I
couldn't find any evidence of it looking around. A few things that jump
to mind listed below.

- Owen

Central place for planning
 http://live.gnome.org/GNOME3 is
  "GNOME 2.30 == GNOME 3.0 release-team proposal"

Way to track stuff that needs doing
I hear rumors of a status whiteboard tag.

Someone keeping track of what needs doing
There really needs to be a weekly report of how we are doing on fixing
the issues that are marked important. Someone needs to be paying
attention to whether there are important issues that nobody is working

Someone watching the builds
http://build.gnome.org/ is back up and running and has a build from
yesterday. Yay. Has anybody looked? If packages going red on
build.gnome.org aren't blocker material .... if packages don't have to
be green, then there really is no point.

(And if the Debian-sid build slave is the only one that is running, it's
the only one that should be shown on the front page of

Standard ways to test GNOME 3 as an OS
If someone wanted to test their application on GNOME 3 or hack on GNOME
3, the options are slim:

 - You can install Fedora Rawhide or some other development Linux
   distribution that sticks close to stock GNOME.

 - You can jhbuild GNOME 3 on top of something. Figuring
   out for yourself:

    - What dependencies you need to install (gnome-shell-build-setup.sh
      gets you partially there)
    - How to get past the modules that are red on build.gnome.org
    - How to log in to the session you built. (There are some hints in
      the jhbuild manual, but they aren't sufficient.

This isn't going to materially change before we get GNOME 3 out, but we
need documented clarity .. _this_ is how you test GNOME 3.

Plans for testing GNOME 3
Everybody knows what needs work in their own modules, but there are lot
of gaps in between modules. How are we going to catch options in the
control center not doing anything, etc?

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