Re: How to Access XMPP-Based Media Server

On 11/16/2010 09:37 AM, Guillaume Desmottes wrote:
Le vendredi 12 novembre 2010 à 13:56 +0100, Jon Kristensen a écrit :
Now, I would like to make some kind of "binding" so that GNOME and other
free desktop environments can browse the contents of a Pontarius server
(so that you can see your and your friends media). Do you have any
advice on where I should start? We will be using Jingle and the
Publish-Subscribe XMPP extensions to do this. What is the lowest level
layer that I can/should work against here?
As Cosimo said, Telepathy is the IM framework used in GNOME. It's very
extensible so you should be able to write such extension. Gabble (the
XMPP backend) now has a plugin system (called 'sidecars') that you could

I suggest you to drop a mail on the Telepahy mailing list if you want
more info : telepathy lists freedesktop org

I saw your e-mail on lists freedesktop org/msg04307.html so I'm a little bit worried. :-) I will send an e-mail to the list of I run into any problems!

Basically, I want to be able to work with the remote files as if they
were a local directory... Get file listings, download a file, upload a
file, rename a file, etc.
Are you aware of ?
The spec has been deferred but maybe there are some interesting things
to get there ?

Thank you for the link. We have decided to follow the [1]Extended Personal Media Network (XPMN) architecture as defined by Dirk Meyer.



Thanks a lot!


Jon Kristensen

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